Agile Fundamentals Class with ICAgile, CSM, PMI credits

Wednesday May 18 through Friday May 20, 2011
9:00 – 4:30 each day

Pricing: $1,900 per person.

10% discount for non-profits and government agencies

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Level: Beginner and intermediate.

Location: University Of Utah University Guest House & Conference Center, see Google Maps

This unique course is a 3-day introduction to agile development by one of its inventors. The course passes requirements for the ICAgile 3-day "Agile Fundamentals" certificate, the ScrumAlliance 2-day CSM certificate (take the ScrumAlliance self-assessment in the evening or after the course), and the Project Management Institute's Professional Development Units (PDUs).

In this course, learn the history that generated the field of agile development, the roles, artifacts and ceremonies of Scrum, the role of the ScrumMaster, the importance of incremental and value-driven development, as a preamble to understanding how to create and prioritize marching orders for the development team from the viewpoint of the business (as opposed to from the viewpoint of the dev team).

You will learn how to get products to market faster and tune the product to the market more quickly. This course is designed to fit with the Scrum methodology, so that product managers who have to interface with Scrum development teams can understand what to expect from the team and what is expected of them. For those who not interfacing with Scrum teams, the same techniques and thinking will assist in your conversations with your own development teams.

What you will learn:

  • What 'agile' development is, and isn't
  • Scrum roles, artifacts, ceremonies, the role of the ScrumMaster in particular
  • How to interface with a Scrum or Agile development team at the start of each sprint
  • What it feels like to be on an agile project
  • The key properties of an agile project
  • 7 tools for the product owner, including stakeholder analysis, Kano qualities, in-out list, use cases and story mapping

This course is taught by one of the founders of Agile development, and is three days long (not just two) - Expect to learn more in these three days than in any comparable introductory agile class.

Who should attend:

People getting started in a new role on an agile project, joining an agile project, or needing certificate-completion credits while deepening their understanding of the agile approach. This course is designed for business-side attendees, so don't feel out of it if you have never programmed. Having some programmers in the room is useful to complete the discussions.


Dr. Alistair Cockburn co-authored both the Agile Manifesto and later the Declaration of Interdependence.

He created the Agile Development Conference in 2003 and served as a board member of both the AgileAlliance and the Agile Project Leadership Network.

He received three Jolt awards for his books on agile development and use cases. Dr. Cockburn is known for his expertise on many aspects of software development, his insightful views of software development and his lively classes.

Much of his material is on the web at .


Extracurricular: This location was chosen because behind the University of Utah are excellent hiking and biking trails. We hope that students will avail themselves of the location and terrain to de-stress themselves from normal daily life.

Refund Policies:
– Full refund if canceled 2 weeks before the course
– 50% refund if canceled 2 – 1 week before the course
– No refund if canceled after that
– Full refund if course canceled by the instructor for any reason.

Contact: Alistair Cockburn,, 801-824-1211